Alain Paquette, a man who cured himself with nutrition!

Alain Paquette is an author and philosopher that take position on subjects like health, nutrition and the future of mankind.

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Alain Paquette, a pionneer with his self-sufficiency farm!

Since I use food to cure my body and the fact that commercial food is toxic most of the time and cannot rejuvenate the body efficiently in most cases, I grow my own food and aim for a greater self-sufficiency.

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Alain Paquette, an artist, poet and composer.

I am a musicien who has been writing music since the age of 15 years old. Most of this music has not been published because I have been focusing all my efforts on my health for a long time. I hope to publish more music in the upcoming years.

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Alain Paquette, a teacher and scientist.

I have a bachelor degree in science and two university diplomas. I have taught in Cégep, a higher education institution in Quebec, Canada. I have been teaching mathematics for a very long time.

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