The real cost of owning a car

Many people will consider that having a car is the first step to our freedom but what is the real cost of owning a car? In american society, the car is often associated with the notion of personal freedom but that's not true and...

Why time is not the real cause of aging

Corrolation does not imply causation. Despite the fact that there is a strong correlation between health problems and aging, time is not the real cause of aging. In this article, I will teach you which factors are the real cause of aging and how...

Virtual worlds and their perverse effect on humanity

What is a virtual world? It is simply a human build construct, limited by the imagination of humans and based on the perceptions of humans. Virtual reality or virtual worlds always existed in some way. It actually started simply, in the world of thoughts...

Understanding the Universe with Ying Yang

Einstein was convinced that the laws of the Universe could be expressed in a simple and elegant manner. His famous formula E=mc^2 is a perfect example of such concise and powerful expression that can explain an important part of the universe: the link between...

Colon hydrotherapy health risks

Somewhere around 2009, following an episode of bad nutritionnal choices that lasted a few months, I was looking for a quick way to clean my body from the mistakes I had just done. By consuming way too much peanut butter and dark chocolate over...

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Gluten free pancakes (vegan)

Gluten free pancakes (vegan) I invented this recipe to fufill differents nutritionnal needs. I wanted a perfect gluten free pancake recipe that didn't use milk...

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