Alain Paquette

Hi, I am Alain Paquette and you can call me RéVo. I am a canadian author, composer, teacher and philosopher. Inspired by a long journey to cure my body which was extremely sick, I decided to dedicate my life in sharing what I’ve learned from my life experience. This website has been done to serve this purpose. You can find links to my projects and free information to help you achieve a better life and greater happinness in life. Feel free to share this information with everyone.

I wrote my first book at the age of 21 years old while I was extremely sick and inventing a way to cure my body with nutrition. You can read my story on this website or check out my Youtube channel to see videos where I talk a little bit about what I’ve been through. I published my first book in 2007, then in 2008 in was reedited in another edition (in color). Both editions can be found on this website.

I talk about important subjects in a very honest fashion even if some of them are not ‘pretty”. My mission is not based on personal ego or religion, it is not based on greed and achieving fame, but it is based on sharing a universal thruth, a universal love for life and health that I’d like everyone to experiment and feel.

For those who are interested to discover my emotionnal universe, I write music, sing and play many instruments, including piano and guitar. I started writing music at the age of 15 years old. I currently have around a 100 original compositions to share with the world. I am going to record many of these songs in the following years. A new website called should be up soon to focus on my musical projects. Links to this website will be included into when it is ready. I hope to record an album per year starting in 2019 up to 2022.

Your support is greatly appreciated, each time you like or share a video, a song, a post, etc., it helps me achieve my goal to help build a better world by spreading a voice that needs to be heard in this world.

Thank you.

Alain Paquette – RéVo


RéVo Music

I am a singer-songwriter and composer, I invite you to discover my musical compositions on a dedicated website for this project

Please consult this page on this website to get more infos on my current musical projects, my youtube channel and more.



I have been teaching mathematics to students of all ages forever. It started when I was in high school. Since I was gifted in mathematics and science, I would help my friends do their homeworks or to understand complex problems. I own two university degrees and I’ve studied mathematics, physics and computer science with great success. To learn more about the mathwatts project, please visit this page.

Rejuvenating nutrition

My first book on Alimentation Rajeunissante, is called the Guide Alimentaire Rajeunissant. It was published in french and I am currently translating it in English with the title Rejuvenating nutrition guidelines. You can find the content of this book on this website in the form of articles. You can also order this book on my website or on This is the first step to change your life and open up your consciousness to a greater design and greater possibilities. You can buy it by clicking here.




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